Over the Thanksgiving holiday last month, my family and I were “snowed in” in a mountain cottage west of Denver, Colorado.  In the Colorado Rockies, snow can come down hard and deep in almost any month.

I was fortunate to have 48 hours or so in a winter wonderland reminding me of the days of my youth.  It took most of two days to dig out with shovels and the help of an ATV with a snow plow.

With the snow falling gently, I took the above video of this spruce tree and the surrounding mountains.

As we near the Christmas holiday, many people around the world are bringing into their homes a similar evergreen conifer–the Christmas tree.  This annual spiritual and cultural ritual serves many important needs, but it also serves the deep need to literally bring nature into our homes, at least for a short time, and to reconnect with nature at a time when the days are short and the nights are long.

Snow falling gently
A soft stillness in winter
A tree in my home