Even in winter the flower finds a way to bloom. In January, there was a winter-time lone rose in my backyard. Nature can surprise us like that. A rose is not necessarily rare to see where I live in coastal Central California in January. But a single, brilliant red rose nestled amongst the bare branches of the surrounding vegetation is one of nature’s gifts.

We all live through both the metaphorical and the literal seasons of our lives. Often, the seasons of our lives are in the order that we expect them to be; summer following the spring, and winter following the fall. At other times they are not. We can be taken by surprise when it feels as if the “winter” of our lives is at a time when we expect a “spring.”

A life path is not a linear one. You can learn to trust the seasons in your own life even when they are not as you would have thought or hoped they would be. There may be a deeper reason that is below your awareness for the “winter” that you are experiencing right now. Your life path is a part of nature. Therefore, like nature’s surprises like the winter-time rose, embrace your season and its rewards.