I have always thought the Columbine flower especially beautiful.  Like many flowers, it is delicate, frail looking.  It appears as if a strong rain or wind storm would break it.  The Columbine’s appearance looks fragile, but it is not, really.  It can withstand the extremes of nature like most living things. With the right soil, temperature, and nutrients, as well as the proper amount of sunshine and water, the Columbine will thrive.

The same can be said of the connection to the human soul.  Like the Columbine, your connection to your soul may appear fragile. These are the times when you need to nourish it.  You need to feed your soul with the proper amount of attention and focus. You need to help your soul to thrive.  When you nourish your soul, your life becomes more beautiful.

The Columbine petal colors in my photograph are red/orange, with a yellow pistil.  Red can symbolize passion, and yellow, warmth.  Like the vibrant colors of the Columbine, your connection to your soul is the gateway to your life’s passion and warmth.