I read recently that when Jungian analyst, Dr. Lionel Corbett, was asked to name films with a Jungian theme, he replied, “all movies have a Jungian theme.”

So right he was.  I was asked last month by Colin McNeil of Metro News Canada whether or not I would be interested in being interviewed by him for a story he was writing for Metro News on a Jungian interpretation of the franchise Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). His story would in part be in preparation for an upcoming release of a new TMNT film.

Being familiar with the TMNT franchise by name only, I was not so sure about the project ahead even though I had quickly said “yes” to the interview. However, as Dr. Corbett so nicely put it, all films do have Jungian themes when looked at through a Jungian lens.

When viewing film through a Jungian lens, we are reminded that archetypes never go away. Archetypes are stable and re-form with time, arising again and again in story and image in the films that we go to see and in the films that touch our hearts and minds.


Link to article by Colin McNeil>>Teenage Mutant Jungian Turtles: Psychoanalyzing the World of TMNT