Close your eyes and imagine the sounds from your life that captivate you the most. Are they sounds from nature like the roar of a mighty waterfall? Do you visualize the sounds of a booming drum, your favorite musician’s voice, or maybe the blast from a jet airplane? Dreams sometimes use the imagery of sounds to help you to access your inner nature and its unique sounds.

A client dreams that she is paddling a canoe with her dog and boyfriend down a canal in a marsh. She looks back and notices some modern homes overlooking the canal. One home is all windows and she sees clearly that the entire floor is a huge drum set facing the water with a male drummer drumming loudly.

While working with the dream, she realized that she needed to speak up more at her work, and not be afraid to let her thoughts and ideas be known.  The dream also reminded her of her passion for nature that she had been neglecting.

If you spend much time in nature, nature will soon make herself heard. You will see that the earth does have a pulse and it is alive and it can be noisy. If you can find that place deep inside, you can hear the sounds of the earth in your soul. The earth booms and it roars.

There was big surf in Santa Cruz, CA last week. If you stood on the sand close to the ocean, you could feel and hear the vibration of the large surf as the shore break pounded on the sand. “Thud, thud” the waves sounded as they crashed on the shore.

Like the pounding sound of the surf, or the roar of a waterfall like Niagara Falls, the psyche needs to be heard and at times even loudly expressed. How will you let your deeper nature, your deeper feelings be heard? Will you roar, boom, cry or scream? Let the sounds from the earth flow through your blood and feel her in your bones. Dance, sing, and make some noise. Psyche and body are one and your body every now and then needs to make thunder.