There is a fish that lives deep in the ocean dark
The fish has evolved over time
To “see” in the deep
With a lantern as a light
Just in front of its eyes

A young man
Who knew about this strange fish
Had a big dream

In the dream
He was riding his motorcycle
On a country road

With dark descending
The motorcycle headlights went out

He could not see
So he pulled to the side
Of the road

He climbed off of the motorcycle
And he entered into tall grasses
In the roadside ditch

Parting the tall grasses
With his bare hands
He walked and pushed deeper
Into a dark forest

On the other side of a fence
Dark had descended

The light from the stars and moon
Did not point the way

But he breathed in the forest air
He walked naked, always in the dark of the night
While the forest plants and animals touched his bare skin

He walked further and deeper into the forest
For over sixty years, he walked

An old man now
He came upon the same fence and motorcycle
And climbed over the fence
Up onto his old motorcycle

He rode out of the ditch
Into the night
On the same quiet country road

He turned on the motorcycle headlights
The lights still did not work
But it did not matter
He had learned to see in the dark