Gratitude, blessings and thanks to all of the friends and guests who visit this blog, and who I have met through this blog and on Twitter and other internet sites. I want to take a moment to thank those that I have encountered here, and to reveal what this process has meant to me.

These real and valuable connections have become very meaningful to me as I have surprisingly found that the internet and social media sites like Twitter can be places to discover like-minded people with similar curiosities about the world, soul and psyche.

I am grateful and I feel blessed to have discovered things about myself and others through the process of reaching out through the web.  Like many important decisions and actions in my life, it was through a dream that I was guided to write more. At the time, my unconscious had been prodding me to write, and I dreamed of cottonwood tree seeds blowing in the wind and spreading out to the world. This dream stuck with me and encouraged me to think more seriously about writing more often and in a new kind of medium. Subsequently, I launched my blog about eighteen months ago.

Writing this blog about Jungian psychology and other areas of interest, has been an act of self-discovery and learning for me. The creative aspects inherent in utilizing a medium like blogging, where I have complete autonomy and the freedom to express myself without an editor, panel, or board approval, has truly been an outlet for an expression from my deeper Self.

This has been especially valuable and balancing for me because it has often not been possible to have this freedom of creativity in much of my day-to-day work where I gladly serve and help to manage and direct a large and complex mental health program with its inherent bureaucracy that so often stifles creativity.  Though I need to add that I also have a part-time private practice where I do indeed have more autonomy and creative freedom in my work life.

For all of these things, and the wonderful connections that I have made with visitors to my blog and in my relationships with others on Twitter, I have only gratitude, blessings and thanks to pass on.  I hope that everyone reading this can find precious things in their own lives to be thankful about during this holiday season.