Just the other day I walked by two men who appeared to be homeless and whose conversation caught my attention.  One man said, “You know they have truth serums and anti-truth serums.”  I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation, but I heard enough to make me wonder.

If there were such things as truth serums and anti-truth serums, how would you be different?  How would your day be different? How would your relationships be different?  In my imagination these men were speaking of a world where there was a liquid serum that could be injected into people to either protect them from all things not true, or the opposite, keep them from knowing the truth. A world with no truth would be a dangerous world indeed.

A serum is a watery fluid obtained from separating blood.  Antiserums are prepared from the blood of an animal that has been exposed to a specific disease and have developed specific antibodies.  When these antibodies are injected into the animal, it transfers immunity to disease. In other words, a serum is used to protect against disease.

Now perhaps more than ever, there is something like a disease process keeping you away from your own truth.  The collective world noise infiltrates your world like an insidious cancer.

Carl Jung said, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  Put another way is that the truth can still be found inside when lies abound outside.

It is imperative and especially in times of crisis that you look toward your dreams of the night, to help to guide your day with a focus on your own truth. Dreams provide a light to show the way amidst the lies and untruths of the day.

Your dreams are like a serum. They filter your experience and emotion from your day. They separate lies, falsehoods, and untruths and expose them to the truth from your soul. Paying attention to your dreams and the filter-like role they play in your psyche is doing your part to tend to the world soul.

A 36 year old professional woman had a dream in which she was writing a book with her boss. She awoke from this dream afraid and worried.  In real life, she was beginning to question her boss and his leadership style. She felt she was being absorbed and overtaken by untruths and lies. Upon closer examination of this dream and her approach toward her work and her boss, she realized that she needed to find her own way at work keeping in mind the need to be careful, but also realizing that she was losing her own soul by not behaving and leading at work in a way that was right for her and in congruence with her own soul.

The dream for her was a wake-up call and a reminder that she was too enmeshed with her boss and his style. She was beginning to live a lie at work. She had been moving away from her own truth. Instead, she realized from working with the dream, she needed to “write her own book” and in a way originating from her own psyche and the truth that she could find there.

Dreams function as a serum-like component of the psyche. Dreams can be like “disease” protection from lies and falsehoods that can act like diseases of the soul. Pay attention to your dreams and the messages from inside since they can right your course and rescue you from the lies and the anti-truths that are antithetical to living your life with soul.