Dr. Howlin’s Background

Dr. Howlin studied biology at Montana State University and South Dakota State University, receiving a B.S. degree in 1989. After working in the field of biology, he went on to pursue graduate work in biology, and gradually became more interested in the biology and psychology of people. He changed directions and completed an M.A. degree in counseling from the University of South Dakota. He went on to complete his Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) degree in counseling in 1997.

Dr. Howlin has found Jungian psychology to coincide with his deepest beliefs. Dreams help create a life worth living. They connect people to their spiritual core. And this is why Dr. Howlin loves to work in this field of study.

Dr. Howlin has worked with individuals of all ages and in a variety of settings. He has worked with children and adolescents in schools, outpatient clinics, and at a juvenile detention facility. He has worked with adults in both clinic and hospital settings. He has spent the last twenty-three years working in the mental health department of one of the largest adult male correctional facilities in the state of California. While working in this setting he has previously held the positions of Staff Psychologist and Senior Supervising Psychologist. He serves there currently as Chief Psychologist and Chief of Mental Health.

Dr. Howlin has been working full-time in the mental health profession for more than twenty-seven years. He has been licensed as a psychologist in California since 2002.  He has experience providing psychotherapy for many psychological problems and disorders, but specializes in psychotherapy for depression. He maintains a part-time private practice and has appointments available both during the day and evenings including weekends.