The Blue Door

Not yet day But not night As I go out Into the white Stepping so light Pac boots on Snowshoes, not in sight The crust Of the deep snow Does not bow One step, two steps Now four Five steps and just one more Another step and down I go Waist deep into The wet snow One...

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Making Thunder

Close your eyes and imagine the sounds from your life that captivate you the most. Are they sounds from nature like the roar of a mighty waterfall? Do you visualize the sounds of a booming drum, your favorite musician's voice, or maybe the blast from a jet airplane?...

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In the Middle of the Night: Coyotes, a Synchronicity and the Trickster Archetype

On January, 11, 2014, a good friend of mine who lives in Tucson, AZ, spontaneously sent me a series of photographs taken with a “trail cam.” This camera was mounted in his backyard which backs up to the desert. The photos were all of coyotes in the middle of the...

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